The BPBIO 220 is a manual device that meets updated standards for the use of mercury-free blood pressure monitors within the medical field.

This clinically validated device uses the auscultatory method to accurately assess systolic and diastolic blood pressure. By performing regular tests and evaluating trends in historical data, medical professionals will be better equipped to determine the state of a patient’s health and address any potential risks for chronic diseases.

Disclaimer: Please note that the maximum allowable measurable arm circumference for the BPBIO 220 is 17 inches. Users exceeding this threshold will be unable to measure on this device.


  • 1 Medium Cuff
  • 1 Large Cuff 
  • 1 Air Bulb/Controller
  • 4 AA Batteries


3.9 x 12.6 x 2.9 (W x L x H) : in

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