InBody S10 Body Composition Analyzer

InBody USA

The InBody S10 allows body composition and body water analysis testing in the supine position. With its revolutionary Touch Type electrodes, the InBody S10 allows for precise, reproducible, and convenient testing for individuals who require specialized attention and care.

Your purchase of an InBody S10 includes:

  • InBody S10 Body Composition Analyzer (1)
  • InBody USB Thumb Drive (1)
  • Laser Printer (1)
  • 1 box of InBody S10 Body Water Result Sheets (500) 
  • 1 box of InBody Tissue (300) 
  • S10 Cart (1)
  • S10 Carrying Case (1)
  • S10 Adhesive Electrodes
  • S10 Clips Electrodes
  • External Battery & Power Supply (2)
  • 1-Years Manufacturer's Warranty 
For your security, an InBody specialist 
will contact you to confirm your order before it is processed and shipped.

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