Blood Pressure Monitor BPBIO 320S

Automatic, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement

The BPBIO 320S is a fully automated, effective and easy-to-use blood pressure monitor. The device features a voice-guided, single-step measurement process and an elbow sensor which creates more accurate results with high reproducibility.

Product Features

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BPBIO320 uses the broad 7” color LED screen. It can check the maximum blood pressure, minimum blood pressure, and heart rate immediately, and guides the measurement condition with LED lighting. It can output the result sheet using the high-speed thermal printer.

It can output and check the measurement result of height, weight, and BMI using the optional equipment thermal printer.

Optional Equipment

Use the desk and the chair of BPBIO320 options for convenience.

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Measurement Method

Measurement Range
Pressure: 0 ~ 300mmHg (±2mmHg)
Pulse : 30 ~ 240bpm (±1.5%)

Measurement Result
Systolic Blood Pressure, Diastolic Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate

Measurement Time
Average 30sec.(20~50sec. depending on the pulse rate or blood pressure)

Display Unit

Display Type
7-segment LED

Results Sheet
Results sheet value 3 line express print/ Select graph print option

Energy Saving
Automatically converts to energy saving mode 2 minutes after the last measurement is taken

Dual Safety System
[START/STOP] button: the cuff will become loose and deflate
*If the air pressure surpasses 300mmHg, the cuff will automatically deflate and loosen.
[EMERGENCY] button: the cuff will become loose for deflation regardless of the main controller.

Voice Guidance
Provides audible indication for test in progress, test complete, and successfully saved settings changes

High-speed thermal printer with automatic cutter (2.5 inches wide)

Specialized desk, Body composition analyzer InBody