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How long does it take to perform a test?

Why do I need to remove my shoes and socks for the test?

Can I operate an InBody device without any special training?

Why should I stand upright during the test?

What are important guidelines users should or should not do before a test?

Are there any height, weight, or age restrictions for the InBody test?

Will I feel the electrical currents during the test?

What factors can affect the accuracy of my test results?

Can the InBody test people with prosthetic limbs?

Who are not recommended to take an InBody test?

Why use an InBody Tissue before testing?

What does the standard InBody package include?

Does the InBody do wireless printing?


Why is InBody technology more expensive than other BIA devices?

How do InBody devices compare to other BIA devices? What are the major technical differences between the InBody and other BIA devices?

What are the advantages of using multiple frequencies instead of a single frequency?

How are 8-point tactile electrodes different than adhesive EKG tape electrodes?

How does the InBody derive body fat measurements from body water measurements?

What printers are compatible with InBody devices?

How do InBody devices work?

What is impedance?


Is BIA technology accurate?

What other commonly used methods for body composition analyses exist?

How often can you measure body composition?

When measuring body composition on BIA devices, why do results change when height changes?

How can percent body fat change within a time frame as short as one day?

What are the differences between InBody models?

Can anyone purchase an InBody device?

What fields uses body composition analysis?

What are some ways I can use the InBody?



My unit keeps freezing.

The weight on my scale is off.

I forgot my password.

How do I setup/ change my access code/ password?


How often does the InBody device need to be calibrated?

How often does the InBody need to be serviced?

What is the life expectancy of an InBody device?

Do I really need to keep the original box and padding?

What can I use to clean the InBody?

What is the warranty policy?

Do you service on-site outside of California?

What type of warranty is included with the InBody device?

How do I recalibrate the InBody?


Printer does not print the result sheets/ Printer does not work/Printer settings.

I am unable to print because the lights on my printer are red and/or orange.

The test results on the result sheets are not aligned correctly.

Can I print more than one result sheet at a time?

Can I connect my printer through WiFi or Bluetooth?

How do I enable my Thermal Printer with the 230?

The result sheet is printing an error message about corrupted data


How do I load or restore the database onto the InBody?

Can I take my InBody outside of the US?

How do I export/copy the database on to an Excel file?

How do I clear/reset my database?


How do I change the default gender?

Can I change or disable the sound/music?

How do I upload a logo to the InBody unit?

Can I adjust the brightness of the screen?

InBody Database Management System


Why am I not able to edit (transfer data) to or from certain member(s)?